10 April 2011

Day 8 - Thinking = Self Interest

Have I changed? And is this Change Real?

Certainly a lot of my actions has changed. What I participate within and 'who I am'. Yet - to the degree that matters?

The biggest point I can see lately is 'losing focus' on breath. It is not within my awareness - it is not an action I am actively participating within. So what does this tell me? That I am in my head - existing separately from what is Actually Here - the Physical - and allowing myself to be 'lost' within the Mind - lost in Self INterest.

Because what are we actually doing while we are 'thinking machines'? We are only considering ourselves - and our Lives and the dramas that we create within our Reality. We don't consider this Greater Reality we All Share - our Mother Earth that provides us ALL Equally what the basic of our needs require.

Thinking = Self Interest, as it beLIEves what matters in the individual. And the individuals world, and the individuals friends, and the individuals Family - and the individual - In Divide U Hell. In Hell we are Divided as the I of Consciousness - as the Ego of the Mind seeing only what the Eye desires.

And we have allowed this all along.

It's so easy to see now - when one considered Common Sense, and starts to Question this Reality and 'who we are' from the Starting Point of what is Best for All.

Is thinking really what is Best for All - if this is something we have allways been, and the world continues to self destruct. And if the world is our Relfection - then can't we see we are Self Desctructing? Through being 'who we are' as what we have accepted ourselves to be.

This is why Breathing is Key. As it brings Self Back to Reality - to what is Real as the Physical - back to considering what is Best for All - Supporting ourselves as Life - All Life as ourselves Equally. Becoming Equal and One with and as the Physical - taking directive Principle in every moment of Life.

Breathing Quality back to Life - through bringing about Equality.

Imagine - If All stopped their Self Interest  participation within the Mind - and breathed Here Equally with All - what kind of World would we Live in? One that Honors All Equally - and Actually Cares, and considers what We are actually Doing Here.

This is the LIfe I would like to See - this is why I breath.