06 April 2011

Day 3 - Communication is Key

Day 3

So interesting point came up tonight with me and my partner. We both were experience a 'weirdness' between us - as one could call resistance. Something seemed to be 'off' and our interaction with eachother was not as it usually is when 'all is well'. Yet - either was in a position to talk about it. We both gave in to our 'feelings' and the ideas we were having about the other, and failed to realize that perhaps communicating about this would solve the problem.

So we pushed to talk after we couldn't deny the point anymore. And although it was hard at first, the point emerged that we both, again, were experiencing a desire within the agreement, in fact the same desire, and because this was not achieved we has created this idea about it within our Minds about 'what it means'. and assuming how the other person was experiencing it and having all these beliefs about the situation - which only made our experience worse. Because we then could not interact in the PHYSICAL - because we were too caught up in our Imaginary World(the Mind).

So Communication is Key.

And being Direct - to the Point. If I expect something from him or need something for him or desire something from him - then I should say that, specifically and directly. Obviously, he cannot read my mind. It's up to me to Direct the Point - and not blame him for what I'm experiencing if I am needing something from him.

Talk about it - to Figure out what is Real and what Matters. What is relevant and what is Here.