24 April 2011

Day 21 - Getting to know my Worth

Day 21 - and as I say, "It's my day 21 - I can't believe I made it" - just goes to show how much I never really trusted myself or pushed myself to do what I say I will do - or believe in myself enough to know I can - I am able - and I can will myself.

The Mind - as it exists - only judges. Observes and places it's opinion. Always has a 'back chat' - I thought or idea or picture or association for anything and all things within it's Reality. As I saw myself today, in constant judgment of myself and others. I breathe yes, to stop myself, yet, why are they even here? Why have I created this of myself? Because I have believed this voice in my head to be real - to be who I am - then am I not responsible for what those thoughts are specifically - what they consist of and how they are directed.

This is Standing Equal and One as the Mind. Taking Responsibility for what exists within me - because here is where Self takes back the Power to actually change Self.

It is impossible to ignore and look for only 'the positive' or the 'silver linen' - as this is only suppressing what is actually Here.

Within the Desteni i Process - this is what I am walking. Learning about myself as "Who I am" as the "I" on consciousness - getting to know myself in a way I havent wanted to see - in Self Honesty - and form here Self Directing myself back to Equality. Because currently - we exist in Separation of ourselves - as the Physical. We see and experience and perceive everything to be outside of ourselves - when We are the Creators. Creating this experiencing - calling the shots and making up the Rules. And all the while, blinding ourselves to what we are doing and 'pretending' we are unaware.

We know exactly what we are doing. We know we are playing a Game. And Until we stop - we will continue to deconstruct.

Through the Process shared by Desteni - I have seen so much of myself change - within only a year and a Half.

Yet - I know there is more to go. However, the way that I experience myself and my life is radically different - as I have been giving myself back to myself. Taking back my power. Directing myself to Direct my Life - and Standing for Something that actually Matters. Which is Equality. Which is an Equal Money System.

Being a part of a Group that Stands Together is our walk to Freedom - pushing ourselves to move ourselves into a position that is Best for All - to Bring About a Real Change - and Establish Equal Money for All.

WE Realize it's going to take time - yet we breathe Patients and Continue to walk. Knowing that we are accumulating what is Best for All.

I may 'believe' I am 'not good enough' or I 'wont make it' or 'its too hard', yet through the Desteni I Process - I have realized these beliefs are not real - they are lies I tell myself to not push through  - and I am grateful every moment I breath. Because as I breathe - I stop the fears - I stop the judgments - I stop the lies - I stop the deceit - I stop the excuses - I stop the Justifications. I stop myself and start over - Creating something of Worth - Something Worthy of Life. Which is Life. In Equality.