23 April 2011

Day 20 - Writing is

The moment I allow myself to write down what it is my mind is ‘racing’ about – and going over and over again – I experience release – and relief. 

It’s like the moment goes from tense and almost a sense of ‘too much’  - to emptiness.

Writing, self honestly – what one is experiencing – is allowing self to let go. It’s a way of freeing self from what self carrys as extra weight. It’s a way to see self – self intimacy.

Writing allows me to get out what I believe is too much for me to handle.

Writing is me pushing myself to change me.

Writing is knowing that if I allow myself to see myself as the words that I write – then I am able to change myself.

Writing is taking back power.      
Writing is being here.

Writing is directing self to become clear.

Write yourself out – Writing yourself to freedom. I mean – it’s specific in the words.

There is much freedom is writing – as you place onto paper/computer the things that exist within you. The things that seems to ‘be so much more’ then they really are, because as you soon as you write it out, it’s never as bad.
Writing is a gift to self, giving back to self the power to release ourselves from the chains we’ve clung to.

Time to let go. And Stand Up. And Face Self.

Time to see for Real.