04 April 2011


Day 2 Here

SO I got my internet back. Now we just need it at my place and we will be 'back on track'.

Interesting point today while I was driving home from work - I was on the highway, just driving along. When I found myself not breathing - so I then began to take some deep breathes to bring myself back, out of the Mind. As I was busy breathing myself back to awareness of myself, I noticed I drove right back the exit I was suppose to take. I then had to take a much longer way home. This is interesting because this is how the Mind Works. It is a distraction we use to separate ourselves, there involves no awareness of what we are actually doing - we are just zombies moving automatically - not directive self will involved at all - and what happens, is we miss the point completely. We miss ourselves. We end up having to take a longer route back 'home'.

Breathing brings is all back Here.

Once I got home, I was walking inside and I realized the last few weeks I have not been so aware of myself as the breath. So this tells me I've been in my mind.

And I can see this in the things I do and my experiences. Participating in conversations I know are not supportive to Life. Allowing myself to resist work that could be done - and then giving in to those resistances. Giving myself excuse for why I resist and that I will 'do it later'. Not keeping up with all the videos from Desteni and my DIP work - basically allowing self interest to guide me, not being productive for the accumulation of what is Best for All - but existing within the Mind of Self Interest - of what is Best for Me - Ego.

I have also not been writing.

Only here within my blog - and I have used this as my excuse as to why I haven't been writing - because i'm 'at least' doing it here. Which STOPS HERE.

I will myself to Push myself to do more then I believe I'm able to do. Realizing those without a Voice need a Voice - and that is why I am Here. To Stand up for ALL LIFE as Me.

So, Here to Remind myself to BREATH, and WRITE, because this is where I 'find myself'. This is where the Real Me Is. This is Where I find the solution to myself, and the answers I've been looking for. This is where Self Honesty is. Self Intimacy. Self Trust. Self Love. Self Expression.