20 April 2011

Day 17 - There's a Will - there's a Way

Day 17

The Challenge - Facing Self  and taking Responsibility for what you see.

THis seeing is given by you or another. Yet the truth is before you.

Accepting what you see as the truth of Yourself- this is the most difficult.

Yet to take the response ability - is setting yourself free. It is taken the power.

But wow - is it hard.

What I have to face about myself = the truth of myself - I don't know how to communicate. I only know how to defend myself. My point - in fear of being 'wrong'. As a way to protect myself. My wall built high.

It's not 'him' or 'they' or 'her'. IT'S ME.

The agreement I am walking - is thus far the most challenging experience. Because it forces me to See myself for Real - as what I allow to exist within myself - who I am in my interactions with him - the games I play, the manipulations I maneuver - sounds like maneur - it's the shit I accept. A load a crap I carry - all to not face myself, as what I've created myself as.

Time to stop. As I realize this is not who I am actually - it's only who I've accepted myself to be. And even though it seems hard to change - its not impossible. There is a Will - therefore there is a Way.

And the way leads to Equality. Within myself - Equal Here as all As One as Equal. Realizing that self abuse - is abuse of Life. Limiting myself is limiting life. What I do to myself - I do to all as me as Equal as One.

I am don't tolerating my imperfection.