15 April 2011

Day 12 - The Writing Process

Day 12
How about a little self Honesty.

It's cool that I've 'made it' to day 12 - yet I don't 'feel' any different. Perhaps I was expecting this writing Process to 'be something more' or create some kind of change within me - yet how can something 'change me', if it's not be doing it myself. This writing process is simply a support system - A way that I support myself. It is a tool. It is not something outside of me that creates something 'for me'.

It is what I make it. So what am I making it?

Something that I place my faith into in trusting that it will create something for me?

No - it should be me Writing as a point of Self Direction. Self Movement, me making the decision of what this Writing Process is for Me. Kind of like being in charge.

This is what it's about. To move myself within myself to direct my world - my actions, instead of it being something that directs me, or causing me to have an experience.

It's like placing my power to create in something outside of me.

So - instead, I take back my power to create myself. I say what goes for me - and what this writing process is all about.

Its support for me - by me. It's a way for me to become Self Disciplined. Self Motivated. To see myself. To show myself that I am capable of doing things - all I have to do is keep the commitment. Trust myself to do it - and just do it. Really, that simple. Make a decision and stick to it and do what is necessary to get it done.

Suppose that's it for tonight. Reminding myself also, again, always, this is a Process. Life is a Process we are Walking - bringing ourselves back home one breath at a time. Patients is key.