03 April 2011

Again - Day 1 of 30+ Days of Writing

Let's try this again.

I sat down and wrote my entry to my blog last night, but not while I was online. I had to go to another location to get online - yet it was not as easy as I thought it would be.

I couln't connect - and then did something that now prohits me from even seeing wireless connections that are available.

So We start again with this 21+ days of Writing in my Blog Process.

No ecxuses, I saw how I wanted to justufy continueing with there were just 'technincal difficulties', and my intentions were still to place my blog - yet just because my intentions were there, doesn't mean it produces a result. Realistically - I could have considered doing my blog earlier in the day, and not wait till the last minute to take care of my self responsibilities.

I can see I do this alot within my Life/World. Moving this week, I saved everything to the last minute, taking care of things that need to get done, phone calls, SRA/DIP work, I save it all to the very end right before it needs to be done. And all I do is put more stress on myself. This is not self Honest. So something for me to consider.

I have no internet these days. It kind of sucks - because I spend a lot of time online. There has been a sense of guilt for not having interent, and being more visile online, because part of me thinks I've created this, as a way to not face myself or to stand up and take responsibility for the visibility neccessary within Desteni - the Group that Stand for/as Change - to bring about a World that is Best or All.

But I walk and deal with what is here. No need to judge or assume it means anything - but simply breath, walk, do what i'm able to do.

I at least keep this commitment to myself - untill I have internet in my new place.

I guess that's it for now.

Actually.. this is cool to start over, AGAIN, because it allows me to 're tune' my writing process. Becoming more self honesty - not keeping things so vague, but to be more specific what I'm sharing and to not fear exposing myself. It's getting easier.

So here we go again.