15 December 2011

2011: "You are the Reason I feel this way" - WTF?

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
~ Maya Angelou

I'm here to suggest that Maya Angelou is mistaken... as there is no consideration of self and responsibility. To say that 'someone made me feel this way' is saying, 'it's their fault that I experience myself the way that I do'. Its like taking things personally - and that is always ego. And ego is evil as it exist in self interest and that self is 'never wrong'. Or that we have no control on how others 'make' us feel.

I know this is crap because to say that someone 'makes' you feel a certain way just expose our nature of being slaves. Slaves to each other, to our emotions and feelings - slaves to our thoughts and judgments and blame. We are slaves in not taking self responsibility for what Exists within OURSELVES - because we accept we have no control. There is not direction of ourselves, we are just 'automatically reacting' to someone else and what they are doing. We give them the power over us and basically accept ourselves as a slave - because they are calling the shots - they are pulling the strings and the 'way that we feel' is their responsibility.

This is just fucked and we all need a reality check. The point is that it is ALWAYS in ALL WAYS us- we are the ones ALLOWING someone else to control how we feel. This is looking at it from the 'negative' stand point - so lets equalize it out and see how the positive is also fucked.

If we were to say, 'this person makes me feel good', 'I like the way this person makes me feel'... what does this reveal? We are then dependent upon that person to make us 'feel good'. And this implies it's only temporary - because that person will not always be around to be there apparently giving you the lovely feelings you experience. This also implies enslavement to another - as we expect others to say and do things that we can feel good about and be ok with ourselves. We allow our sense of self to then be determined and defined by another.

Again - there is no self responsibility for what SELF is allowing within SELF. Imagine if we did not react 'good or bad' to anyone within our world - because it is possible. It is possible to not blame another for our experience and for 'making' us do anything. This is just our excuse to not take responsibility for ourselves - because when we have another as our 'origin' of what we experience - we don't have to face the reality of ourselves, it's someone else's problem - it's their doing and thus I don't have to change or see who I am or what I am allowing - I am 'free' in being a slave.

Seems to be backwards.

To sort ourselves out and to start seeing with realeyes - check out Desteni

Through the support of Desteni I have realized for myself that it's never about anyone else - it's always about me and what I accept and allow within myself. I've learned to take back direction of myself and my life and to walk within principles that stop us from blaming and separating ourselves and to start creating our world to be a place that is best for all - where all invididuals are equal in self responsibility - standing as one part of the whole in support of themselves and each other. Time we start facing our truth.

Check out more support here, others who are busy facing themselves as what is accepted and allowed and practical examples of how we change:

12 December 2011

Education/School - Just do It

I just finished my first of two finals for the first semester at college. This is actually my second attempt of achieving a 'higher education' - yet something is different this time. Me. I am different. The school and the classes are the same - yet who I am within the school and classes has changed.

When I made my first attempt at school 2 years ago - it was within the starting point of 'this is what I Have to do'. "I'm not doing anything so why not" "I feel bad about myself, I graduated 7 years ago - what am I doing with my Life." It was a decision made out of fear - fear of failing - of not 'doing what I'm suppose to do' - it was within wanting to 'be better'. I was full of reasons for going back to school - and none were within self honesty or best for all interest. It was based in self interest, self image and all things dishonest. After just a month of classes - I was accepting and allowing all sorts of thoughts of reasons as to why I could not continue. I gave myself excuses as not do to the work - I was caught up in anxieties about who I was and what others thought about me - I was unsure of what I was going to do with it - it was not an expression of myself - it was a means to an end as my attempt to 'find myself'. My starting point was unstable and thus the process was unstable.. and I ended up quitting.

Then I found myself. Here. With the support of Desteni and others - I realized that no thoughts are ever valid and I am able to do and get done what ever it is I decide to do. It's that simple. I learned to forgive myself for the thoughts of Judgments I was having - as the start of the semester all the same stuff from my previous experience came back and this time I was with tools on how to support myself. How to keep it simple and just get it done. Do what is necessary to be done - the most basic support I have ever heard that becomes more and more valuable everyday for me.

This last semester I have learned that I am able and capable of being a student that excels. I am able to do the work. I am able to participate in class discussion - I am able to contribute to the class. And most of all - I am able to let go of all the fears and judgments I was holding in relation to myself and school/education - and simply walk within the realization that this is necessary to be done. We require humans in this World to be educated about what the fuck is going on. Within the system and within ourselves. To utilize what is here to be effective in this World. To be in positions where we can actually create a change in this world and one that is best for all.

Education is not about getting a good job so that I can have a good pay check so that I can live a happy life, one that is comfortable and protected from the harsh realities of this World - but to utilize myself as a point of change - becoming aware and using my education to actually create an effective change in this world. My schooling is no more just about me - it is about what is best for all. I am in a position in this world to stand up for those that cannot - to expose what's going on and the unacceptable nature of ourselves that is here. We all are responsible - so no way am I going to go through this process looking out for only myself - but to bring about a World that is Best for All.

So the coolest thing I have learned this semester - as that it doesn't matter how smart or 'unsmart' you 'think' you are - it's not real. The point and the gift is - whatever we decide to do - just do it and it will be done. Wow - what a concept. Just do the work - apply, push yourself to give of yourself what you know you can and you will only be able to expand as who you are.

I am grateful for this education process, grateful for desteni in showing me how I can support myself... and grateful I have just one more final to finish:)


21 November 2011

The child without Food needs the Word of God?

"I woke up hungry this morning so I read the word of god and was satisfied" Let us now as(k) a child or half the pollution that goes without food daily to do the same. Their bodies decaying from malnutrition while the rest of the population are blinded in ignorance of beliefs that only satisfy the protection of self interest. How can we exist in a World where we allow a God to be our 'filler' - an imaginary 'father' that promises a life of eternal peace, just so long as we ignore what is real in matter in our attempts to not take responsibility for what the world actually is. This God we believe to 'fill us up' by his words in some book - does not actually feed the hungry, save the poor, protect the innocent. Instead this God fills us with fear of burning forever if we are not his perfect little slaves spreading this deceit to the rest of the World. God is not the Solution - as Jesus said, Give unto another what you would like to Receive. Does that mean as a child without food in this world - standing in their shoes, would you want them to tell you to read the word of god? Or would you want food? Real actual matter that support their physical body in this Physical world. It is Time to wake up. Our beliefs have kept us blind to what this world actually is - where Money is the God we keep our faith in and so long as we have our Money/God - we are protected and do not need to care about anyone else. Time to Stop. Time to Investigate a Real Solution. Time to wake up to our Madness. Time to Stop our Belief in a God that allows millions to suffer and time to Stand Equal as God to take responsibility for what we have Allowed. Equal Money is the Solution that will Bring Heaven here to Earth - where we are no longer waiting for our salvation but create it for all Equally. Investigate the Real Word - One that Support All Life.

06 November 2011

Religion and Spirituality - One and the Same?

"We must stop confusing religion and spirituality. Religion is a set of rules, regulations and rituals created by humans, which was suppose to help people grow spiritually. Due to human imperfection religion has become corrupt, political, divisive and a tool for power struggle. Spirituality is not theology or ideology. It is simply a way of life, pure and original as was given by the Most High of Creation. Spirituality is a network linking us to the Most High, the universe, and each other…"
Let's take a Self Honest look at what is being Said here and find a way to Consider it where it Considers what is Best for All... In the first part of this statement - the Person is exposing how Religion has become a Means to Control and enslave People - due to Humanity's "Imperfection" Then - the person goes on to explain how Spirituality is 'better' then Religion because apparently it is a 'way of life' given by 'the Most High of Creation'. Now what we know is within Religion - is that people's 'beliefs' of Religion also comes from what they claim to be as the 'most high' - the Word of God - the father of Creation - so from this we can See that already Religion and Spirituality are the same - as they support the Idea of a 'greater force' that has created us and all Life - and through this it's about changing the way we live/believe in order to live in a way that is 'attune' to Life. This is a huge Red Flag as we can see that through both beLIEfs we are 'needing' to accept a 'higher force' that has created us and that we are Imperfect - in that we are able to be corrupt, and create separation. This also allows for one not to Take Self Responsibility for what Self Is - but that it was the 'Creator' that has created us this way. I once beleived in both Religion and Spirituality - in that i believed that both were based on the foundation of the same truth. I believed that there was a God/Creator - and that all was how it should be, and Life was moving according to 'plan'. This is pure deception, as I can see now that I was only accepting myself and the World the way it is - and if we dare to take a look at the Greater Picture - it is NOT okay and is Unacceptable. How do we change this statement to be in the Starting point of What is Best for All? Simply = Remove the idea/belief that there is a 'higher power' in control of our lives and Everything - and get back to Reality. Where in Reality we can see that No God is helping - but only Hurting - as no One is taking Responsibility for what is going on on Earth. We are more than Capable of Creating a World that is BEst for all - where All live in Abundance - Equal Money - Heaven on Earth - but it is through our acceptance of a God and being 'imperfect' that we accept our own limitations. I no longer accept this of Myself. Considering looking at statements that do not Support ALL LIfe = and only support Self Interest/Separation of Humans. Consider finding ways to Exist where we become Practical Beings taking care of ourselves and others - finding Solutions to ourselves and this World. This is what i Have found within Desteni - A wake up Call and Call to Action. Creating Equality within myself to Create it in the World. Check out the links below for further perspectives/support/Gifts to Self.

24 October 2011

"If it's Meant to Be..." a Pre-programmed Existence

"Don’t worry, just breathe – If it is meant to be, it will find its way" This statement is all to familiar with me. You might have heard it in various ways - like, "Just go with the flow", or "if it's meant to be, it will be". Such statements and beliefs exist within the implication of a force outside of ourselves - guiding and directing and 'taken care of' everything for us. This statement also implies preprogramming - a predetermined destination that has already been created, and that we are just in it for the ride, and to just sit back and go along with whatever will come. I use to tell this to myself a lot. Relax, if it is suppose to happen, it will happen. It's what I told myself to re assure myself that 'everything is ok' - a way I used to keep myself content with my world and my reality, trusting in some higher force at play that will in the end provide for me that which I need. Then I found Desteni - and the self realization came that only I am here. And waiting for something to 'come to me', patiently waiting for a sign or an outcome, trusting that whatever it is, will find it's way to me and I will be ok. I was filled with self doubt and fear of this world. Fear of moving, of making decisions, of directing my life, and I believed within all of my being that there was something 'out there' that was having a hand in my life, and that if I just let go and trust in this, it will give to me what I am meant to have.
I realized this is enslavement. I was enslaving myself to a belief, that was an acceptance and allowance of a trust out side of myself. It implied I was incapable of Creating - directing, moving myself to create what is meant to be for me. I accepted a decision and plan was already set forth for me - I didn't know anything about it, but I trusted it. And so I sat stagnant. My participating within Desteni supported Me to Stand Up within myself and realize - Only I can create what I want. Only I can direct myself. There is nothing "out there" - I am and all is Here. And it's time I start acting like I am the Directive Principle of my Life. Because no one else can create my Life - I accept and allow, every moment, every moment of what my Life is. Before Desteni - I was a positive seeker looking for Love - everywhere but Here. Today, I am Here facing this Reality - as myself and as the Whole within the Awareness that to allow a 'pre programmed' existence to Continue - will only continue to create slaves. Slaves to the script that has been written. Today I write my own script, breathe by breathe, word by word, redefining who I am in this World and what I accept and allow. I no longer accept and allow a World filled with Abuse and Separation and Suffering. I no longer accept this within myself. I no longer wait for my savior to come to my rescue - I am Here for myself. I no longer believe there is something 'greater then me' as I realize I am of the Earth, which is of the Universe, thus I am Equal and/as One with all that is Here, as this Manifested Reality. I am Here to birth the Equality of Life. This is how we change the World. By stopping our beliefs that keep us ignorant and in cages of our own entrapment. We have the Key. We are able to Stop. See what it is that we accept and allow that does not actually Support what is Best for All. Dare to See with REALeyes.

03 October 2011

Stop giving yourself the Excuse, "Nobody is Perfect"

There is this saying I have heard my whole life. "Nobody is perfect" And this statement is usually spoken wherein someone makes a mistake. Or becomes emotional, or does something they regret or are reactive to/towards. It's like, shit, I fucked this up, but it's ok, nobody is perfect. It's this acceptance that, nope, we are not perfect. We are flawed. And we accept that of ourselves. We don't believe we can stop accepting such a self limitation. Because really, it is self defeat. It says, I am not perfect. I was made imperfect. Therefore I have this statement to blame or to 'give up' my self responsibility for my thoughts, words and deeds. Simply, because "Nobody is perfect" If no one is perfect, then I don't have to be perfect. I can exist like everyone else. I can accept imperfection within this World. The environment is being destroyed by humans for profit and power? Well, "Nobody is Perfect" The child got sold into child prostitution by her father because they need money for the rest of the family" Well, "Nobody is Perfect" I have thoughts of spite and anger and rage towards others? Well, "Nobody is Perfect" Well look again. Every BODY is Perfect, as it is that which gives Life. Sustains Life. Gives you the air you breathe so that you may exist here. Not why do we not live Equal and Stand UP to be that which is Perfect. This is just one statement/beleifs within the Mind's of Humanity, another reason we give ourselves to not look at who we are in this World. "Nobody is Perfect, therefore I will accept this World the way it is" This is unacceptable and is blind ignorance. It is lack of self awareness, because if we realized who we are as the body of Humanity, we would not allow parts of ourselves to suffer. We would not accept anything less then perfect from ourcells. Every Cell in our Bodies and every Self in the Body of Earth, would take responsibility for themselves, within what they accept and allow - and we would exist within heaven on Earth. Why do we accept less then ourselves? Because we have accepted this statement to be true. We see ourselves as inferior, less then and imperfect. Well we are not. And I do not accept this of myself. As long as I am breathing here, I am changing who I have accepted myself to be. Within my mind and Body and actions. I do this through writing, facing who I am within my mInd. Through Self hOnesty, realizing the Thoughts I have the the beliefs I've carried and the limited perception of this World is no longer acceptable. So through breathing and walking, I face this and change myself. To make sure I accept only Self Perfection. Wholeness. Equality and Oneness. THis is what is BEst for Me. Being the Best "I am " that is Best for all.

30 September 2011

My Trip to the Desteni Farm

It's been almost 2 years since I have started participating with Desteni. For anyone who doesn't know who/what Desteni is - it is a Group of Individuals Coming together within this World, within the Principle of Equality and Oneness. We, as a Group, Stand Up and Stand for and Stand as Life. We consider that what currently exists as the expression of Humanity on Earth.... is definitely not what it could be. There is much suffering, much pain. There is abuse and war and exploitation. There is rape and murder and no trust between humans. There is the illusion of Love and the charade of Life upheld with an imaginary toy. Money. So together, We Destonians, come together to look at ways to change the current Human Experience. As we realize we are the Creators. We, as a Group, as a Whole, have accepted and allowed what exists on Earth to be what is It. Therefore it's up to us to change it. And so we first look at who we are, within ourselves, and apply tools of practical change, to be a Human that Care's for All Life, as ourselves, Equally. We consider what is best for All. So like I said, I have been participating with Desteni for almost 2 years now. Applying the tools, and sharing myself along the way. It has not been an easy process - as it forces one to look at oneself in self honesty - to shed light on the darkness we have desired to keep secret. To face it and to stand up. I have nothing but gratitude for this Process. After just a few months of participating with Desteni, applying the tools within my own Life and participating on the forum - I went into extreme Reactions. I was in a constant state of fear and reactions - to myself, towards others, judging myself for everything I did. And within this then reacting to my own judgements. It was quite a tough road for I walked. Shortly after, I got an invitation to visit the farm. Anyone who participates within Desteni is aware of the Desteni farm. It is where Bernard and Sunette and many others Live within the Principle of Equality and Oneness. They are the ones that started sharing the tools of self forgiveness and self honesty, breathing and writing, and showing others how much we have disregarded this Physical world we are in, because of our participation within the Mental Realities we all have. Showing how because of our separation to our Physical bodies and Physical World, through defining ourselves as Minds, we have allowed this Physical World to destruct, in not caring about it. So when I got an invitation - I was set. I was going to the Desteni farm - and I couldn't wait. I went for 3 months a year ago in May. Initially - I felt inadequate for going there - as my participation and awareness of Desteni was so new. I had only just begun to understand the Principles and getting to know these people, who were standing up. But I wanted to go regardless. I had the idea that it would be just what I needed - and I would find peace within myself. Well.. I found a lot more then just that. I got there mid day. Everyone was there, and they all came to greet me. I got a quick tour around the main houses and was shown to my room. It was in a building that some visitors had built just a year or so before I got there. It was quite cozy. A bed. A dresser, a desk and a small bookcase. All I needed. Those first few days, I wrote constantly. As I was having a lot of thoughts coming up, and at the time, I was still having reactions to thoughts coming up. I was very unstable the time before I went to the farm. LIke I said, I was in constant reactions to the thoughts I was having. It was maddening to see just how much I was thinking. It was like waking up within a tornado. So, I did a lot of writing to support myself those first few days while I was there. What I found to be so supportive while I was there was working with the Horses. They have 10 horses, each one that has a Human that takes care of them. Meaning - one person that feeds them and waters them and cleans their stables. That walks them to and from the field each day. When I first got there, I worked with Fidelis and his horse - well, wow, I forgot his Afrikaans name, or I don't know how to spell it, but in English it stood for "Big Man". That he was indeed. He was very big, but there was a gentleness to him. He allowed me to comb his hair and check him for ticks. I enjoyed him as he seems secure. the strong and silent type. After a month I moved to a couple stables over and worked with Leila and Charlie. They were a lot of fun. I was grateful for having the horses there to work with, as they provided support within being in the Physical. It is very difficult to be lost in your Mind when standing to these Beasts. Charlie especially - he would let you know if you were 'not here'. So it assisted being with him. It also taught me about responsibility. Every day we had to get up with the sun to feed them and take them to the field for their day. We had to clean their stables. And every evening we would have to bring them back and feed them. Looking back now I can see how it helped for me to realize that those things would not get done on their own. And in a sense, those animals depended upon us to support them in their life. Also - it was a consistent point everyday that we required to address. Being in the stables assisted with my stability. I got sick a couple times when I was there - and had to spend that time in my room, missing out on taking care of the horses. Those times I found less stability, as I was left alone, to myself, and in these moments my mind tend to go haywire. I realize now that I create the stability within myself, and it's easy to do with breathing. Yet at the time, working with the Horses was the just the support I needed to really ground myself into the physical - working with others and animals. Remaining here, enjoying even the dirtiest of jobs, like cleaning up horse shit:) For the most part, I enjoyed my time at the farm. I got to work with Sunette, and my Resonance. I got to chat with Bernard and do Mind Constructs with Esteni. I got to hang out with everyone else that lived there, and this supported me in seeing how people can practically live together within the consideration of eachother and what is best for all. Overall - what this experience at the Desteni farm allowed me to realize, it just how much I existed within my Mind. How much I let my thoughts take control and my feelings and emotions direct me. How much I defined myself according to the thoughts I was having, so much so that I decided to leave a month early. I was facing so many points that came up within me in that environment. There was nothing I 'had' to do - and I was left with a lot of time to do whatever I wanted. And what I found was me sitting in my room, thinking. Having ideas about people and the world and my own life, having then anxieties. It showed me just how much I existed within fear. How much I was not directing my Life - but waiting for someone or something else to show me what to do. I left a month early because I was not ready to face myself. I wanted to give up this Process - to Give up what I had realized within Desteni, and my self, and go back to a life of ignorance, where I did not have to take responsibility for myself or this world. I wanted to forget everything about it. But this was impossible. Because just months after being Home - my attempts to go back to my own way of living - where I didn't care about anything except 'fitting in', it failed and I was placed back into the position I was in when I first found desteni. Questioning this existence, this so called Life. And wanting Solutions. So even I allowed myself to 'run away' from myself on the farm - the experience overall allowed me to realize for myself, who I am and what I am willing to do in this Life. What I'm willing to Stand for, and what I'm not willing to Stand for. How to direct myself, decide for myself what my Life will be - and showed me just how simple it really can be. One breath at a time. My Desteni Farm visit was something I am so grateful for. As it assisted me to realize what I want to be apart of. And how I can create real change within this World. What is possible within myself and how we can Create this Change together.

18 September 2011

Are you Waiting for the Showering of the Universe?

"The more that I appreciate and show gratitude, the more the Universe showers on me." This is an age old lie - that is perpetuated in many different forms. Through Christianity, within the Belief, if I give myself to a 'savior' I will be 'saved'. More Recently it has been presented within the Secret and the 'Law of Attraction'. Abraham Hicks - and many other channels sells this stuff to keep people blind and bind to their ignorance. Simply - within this Statement, stand in the shoes of another. How about another this exists in Poverty, in a society without Money - where they have to scrap and sell themselves to feed themselves. Would this statement Apply to them? So, Standing EQUAL as a child in Africa, that is one of millions without food or clean water, can I say to myself - "The more I appreciate and how Gratitude, the more the Universe showers on Me" First I would say - what the Hell am I to be grateful for? For this suffering? For no food? For no Water? For no care of the Rest of the World - where people live within the illusion of Choice that they are able to pick and choose what they will eat tonight. This statement only supports the current Capitalistic Society. That tells you to consume and consume and be grateful that you are not the one that starves. This is Mind Control and Enslavement and to accept this statement to be true is Deliberate Deception - and we should be ashamed. WAKE UP. To make this Statement a LIVING Statement in Practical Reality - we would create a System of Equality, where ALL are supported within their basic Needs. Then All are a LIving Example of the Universe 'showering' on us. We will no longer need to wait for something to make us grateful, we will be living a System of Gratitude. Where we give to another what we would like to Receive - LIFE. www.eqaulmoney.org www.desteni.co.za

04 September 2011

Responding to "The Mind is not the Enemy"

Here is a response I made to a youtube user sharing the perspective that, although he agrees with the Point of Equality - he did not agree with, what he claims to be what desteni says, "the Mind is the Enemy" Here is what he wrote: Hey You're a great person, thanks for being my friend. Just wanted to share my perspective on Desteni with you and see what you think. I stumbled upon videos made by Desteni Productions about a year ago and I was really intrigued. They have some very unique perspectives. They stumbled upon some interesting information, but I'm not sure they know what they have stumbled upon or how to work with it properly. I like that they bring everything back to the Self. It's true: everything is about the Self. So, that's a correct/true point that Desteni makes. They also stand for Equality for All, which is great. Equality is an important point. I admire them for that. However, one of Desteni's main points is to negate or "bypass" the Mind (or mind-consciousness or Ego-consciousness) to get to the Self. This negation of the mind is what I definitely disagree with. Even though the mind-consciousness is not authentic to Self, it cannot be bypassed or ignored. One cannot just abandon it, like abandoning a broken car. That's just avoidance. That's like cutting one's arm off because it's broken. It's just silly. We must become conscious of shortcomings of the mind. That's it: just become conscious how the mind is not the true Self is enough, no need to completely abandon the mind. The mind is a tool, we just need to recognize it as such and not get caught up in it. So, if the mind is a house, we just need to clean the house, not completely destroy it. We still need a place to live, right? So, instead of trying to abandon the Mind (mind or ego-consciousness), we just need to develop our Self, more & more, bit by bit. We must go through the mind, to get to the Self. It's through, that's the key. To try to stop the mind will cause an energetic short-circuit (in the psyche). It's dangerous. If the mind is a broken car, then we need to fix that car, not abandon it. We need the car to travel with, right? So, let's fix the car (our broken psyches), instead of throwing it in the trash. As they say, don't throw out the baby with the bathwater. The mind just needs to be cleansed (just like a body needs to be cleansed of toxins). The key is to unravel the mind, to untie the knots that the mind gets into, to untangle the mind (like untangling wires). Trying to bypass, neglect or stop the mind is not practical or even possible. Again, Desteni has some good points to make, but the Mind is not the enemy. The enemy is confusion. The mind just amplifies that confusion. We just need to become un-confused. It's that simple. Here is my Response: Your words here expose that you have not fully read/understood/applied the tools/material that Desteni shares, because if you had - you would have realized that Desteni doesn't claim the Mind is the 'enemy', but that who we have accepted ourselves to be is that of a Mind Consciousness System. Generated and supported through participating of the internal mind reality, consisting of various dimensions of self. The Mind is who we have accepted ourselves to be - which is in fact limited, as we currently find ourselves in A Reality that is physical, with physical needs/requirements that does not need a thinking machine to support. Desteni simply says - take Responsibility for what Self Has created Self to be - which is only a Mind System/Ego System of Self Interest. Your statement, "So, if the mind is a house, we just need to clean the house, not completely destroy it. We still need a place to live, right?" implies excatly what desteni shares - that we have defined and accepted ourselves based on the existence of the MInd - as if this is who we really are. When we are not. We are simply Physical Beings in a Physical Reality. It is not about 'bypassing' the MInd - it is to see who we have become AS the Mind - becoming Equal to that and thus Stopping in Realizing it's not who we really are. We are, as i've said, physical beings breathing physically here. So - we breathe equal and one with our physical bodies - stopping our participation within the mInd - as it excludes and disregards the physical reality and allows the being/self to exist in isolation from what is really here. This is how we have separated ourselves. So at Desteni - we apply simple, practical and specific tools to take Self Responsibility for what has been accepted and allowed to be the Human Experience. Breathing - realizing the physical is that which allows us to exist here, so we become equal and one as the Directive Principle. Stopping our participating in an alternate reality within the Mind, where we only exists as judgments and projections and theories, not considering the Whole as the Physical.(All Life - Earth - Manifested Universe) Self Honesty, Self Forgiveness, expressed as the breath in every moment, and writing to see the nature of ourselves as we have accepted(as thoughts feelings and emotions). Stopping the automation of the Mind as the dictator of ourselves, and taking back control of who we are Here. Suggest to investigate Desteni more thoroughly before 'assuming' what Desteni stands as/for. Join us in the Intro to Desteni Forum - there we discuss points such as this and in expansion. We are a Group of People coming together within the Starting Point of Equality and Oneness - What is Best for All. Simple Common Sense. We are here to bring about a Solution. Join us. www.desteni.co.za/intro-forum

03 September 2011

Breathing and Meditation - is there a Difference?

What is the difference between Breathing and Meditating? One might say - nothing, they are one and the same. Are they? What is Meditation? When I first began practicing meditation - it was because I had read that it was a way to 'calm the mind'. To become centered and silent within. I also learned about through psychic development classes I had taken (LOL - sounds silly to me now!). We were taught to focus on our breathing, to take deep breaths and to just quiet this mind. This would then allow for us to become 'in-tune' with our bodies, and be able to open ourselves up to a 'higher realm', or whatever term you want to use. It was suggested to allow the thoughts to pass like clouds in the sky - seeing them, but not reacting to them, or not following them. To just remain with the breath. It was a cool exorcise at the time, however, realizing what I have now realized about the Mind - I see it was not an actual solution and did not address the truth about the Mind or the reason for breathing. Within Desteni, it is suggested to breathe. In every moment that we are Here, to become the Directive Principle as ourselves, as the Physical Body that breathes. Taking the breathe in - holding, seeing how/if our minds are moving, and then to STOP THEM. And to not allow them - in realizing they are not who we are in Fact. Then to breathe out, in self Honesty, as the Silence of ourselves is Who we really are. So the difference - Meditation - is to sit down, quietly focus on your breathing and become aware of the Mind. This is a 'for the moment' experience. Those of us walking with Desteni - Destonians, we become the breath every moment of our lives. It becomes a Practical Living Statement of 'I AM HERE'. Meditation suggests you to see the thoughts, but let them be. Within Desteni - we Say - Breathe and Stop your Thoughts - as they are a distraction of what is Really here as ourselves as the Physical. Meditation offers no support in how to 'deal with' and 'investigate' our thoughts. It simply supports the idea that we are our Minds - that we are thinking Machines, and just for a Moment we may quiet ourselves. It is not a Consistent Application. It does not Stand the Test of Time. Breathing in every moment Here, we Become Equal and One as our Bodies, and start becoming more aware of how much our Minds actually move us throughout our days. How we have a definition/memory/association/judgment/belief/etc.. tied to everything that exists in our external Realities. This is where we are able to assist and support ourselves to take back Control and to no longer allow our Minds to be the dictator of ourselves. Meditation is another way we Medicate ourselves. To numb ourselves to what we've become, instead of seeing, stopping, and correcting. Meditation is a band aid. Breathing is healing.

23 August 2011

We don't need God when there is Equality

Why do we believe in God? In a form 'higher then ourselves'? A power greater then us?

All people believe in some from of
greater being. Why? Why do we allow this?

Is it Hope that theres something better for us - that this LIfe is just temporary - it's not real, that the real life is with god in the 'afterlife'?

Why do we accept this belief? This lie that we make up in our minds. Maybe if we lived in a world where there was no need to survive, all was given for LIfe - such as food and water and shelter. If we lived in a System that supported EveryONE to be Here equally - where it didn't matter where you are from or how much money you have or dont have.

The simple fact that You are HERE - gives you a right to LIFE. To live. To be provided for.

If we lived in such a world - we would not need a belief in a god - of something greater - of a mystery we are trying to solve... wiating to see who is right and just holding on till we find out.

We would be LIVING Here and now.

The Belief in God is a make believe we have chosen to make real to ourselves in our sleeping state. As our eyes are closed, we choose to believe in something directing this world.

Guess what FOlks - We are Here - ALONE - with ourselves. There is NO god - there is only us and our Creation. Our creation = a system that gives to the minority and allows the majority to suffer.

Place yourself in the Shoes of one without Money. What would you like to recieve? We do not need God to Live Principles that are Divine. That are COMMON SENSE. That are what is Best for ALL.

Consider Common Sense. In waking Up to what is Here - to what has been allowed as Humanity - and DARE to make a change. Starting with yourself. Who are you and what do you allow within your MInd - as beleifs? What do you give power to separate from you here?

We are Desteni - and We are Here to Create a World of Equality - One that is Best for All.

The only chose is to be the same or Birth a new.

What will you decide?


08 August 2011

There are many Breaths in just 1 Day

Breathe in.... Breathe out.

Today was cool and allowed me to realize something cool about myself.

Over a year ago - I would be one that would wake up quick - go to work - come home, exhausted, end up taking a 'nap' which would last at least 3 or 4 hours, and then end up watching tv, or going out to the bars or trying to find something to do to 'fiil' in my time.

Today - this is not who I am anymore. Today I have a reason and a purpose to do what I do. I no more see the reason or purpose to just 'move' through my day, attempting to find things to fill the gap. Today I actually feel llke I'm living.

I worked this morning - and when I got home, I saw there were things that needed to get done.
Grocery shopping. Check. Since I've moved - I have wanted to start a compost pile. So - instead of continuously telling myself that, "I will do that... soon", I just did it. What better time then the present. So - cleaned it out and got it prepared for me to start the decomposing process:)

Then - took the dog for a walk. Started some laundry. Studied - took a shower. Spent some time with a baby:) Organized my new space a bit. Ordered my school books online. Watch an episode of the Life series.

Overall - the day was productive. It was constant. It was stable, I gave myself no excuses as to why I can put anything off - as time is limited, we don't know how many breaths we have, so might as well Live Fully. Meaning - taking every moment we have to do what is neccessary to be done. Within our world. Taking care of the little things - making sure all has a place and is 'dealt with'. Facing it and moving on.

It's amazing what one can do in just one day. If Self dare to move Self.

I am able to do this because of what i've realized through walking with Desteni. Stopping the MindFull of excuses and directing myself to do what it is that A, needs to be taken cared of, and b, that which also I enjoy. So then, at the end of the day - when it's time to lay our heads down and rest our physical bodies, that have been hard at work all day sustaining ourselves to be Here - to be Alive, all things for the day have been taken cared of, and there is then no reason to worry within the MInd about what wasn't done. The day is complete. We can let go and breathe and be here. Equal and One with ourselves.

Dare to Be Free through moving yourself to direct yourself day to day. One breath at a time.

31 July 2011

Can you Lead?

So an interesting point came up today while I was at work.

Currently - I work as a server in a restaurant. There was 8 other people serving with me tonight, yet I was a 'closer'. So I was in one of the sections that stays on till close. It is a 'leadership' role - that entails ensuring all work is completed - during and after the shift, well in regards to stocking supplies we needs during the shift, and at the end of the night, making sure the place looks nice and ready for the next day.

Well - we have recently added new 'running side work' for everyone during the shift. We all get placed on a board and are assigned to a specific task throughout the night. For example, one person will keep the ice bins full all night, another will make sure cups are stock, another will stock plates and silverware, and etc. My name was not on the board - and neither was the other closer. So I was like, what am I suppose to do?

Apparently - the closers 'job' is to ensure that everyone else is doing there specific job.

And then I had reactions. Because I noticed the ice bin was empty. And we needed cups in the front and the back. I saw that plates were getting low and we could use more silverware.

Normally - if I have the time and see these things are needed to be stocked - then I would just do it. It was kind of like - if you notice it - you take care of it.

So this time - I had reactions to having to mention to someone that their specific side work needed to be done. Mostly what I experienced was how they would react to me asking them to do these things. But obviously I was projecting myself onto them - as I had the initial reaction to having to ask them to do it. Also I experienced fear of how they would see me - that they would think I thought myself to be better then them.

The Mind is a real fuck up.

But it was cool - as I expressed what I was experiencing in relation to this point with another co worker - and what I realized, is that it doesn't have to be anything personal. It's simply something that needs to be done. I can just be direct about it - and not assume they will go into reactions - or feed my own reactions either. As this creates the illusion of something being more then what it is. This is how we attempt to create a situation to be something more then what is actually is. The point simply was that was my task. To ensure others were doing there task. And if all take care of their task - the shift goes smoothly - and all are then supported within the work shift.

What else I see within this is that Ego is not just being about superior to another, or to think highliy of oneself. Ego is that voice within the Mind that has an opinion, idea, thought, perception, answer to everything. It's self interest - as it exists within making everything about itself.

Unnecessarily complicated.

So it was cool to see this point - again, putting more value on another's opinion about me - instead of Standing up within myself as Self Value - directing myself within every moment to simply get done was is required to get done. No matter where I am at. No need to have ideas about it or beliefs. They are not real - and only influence self within the self experience.

29 July 2011

We Write

Having let go of this writing process - for no other reason but excuses, I wanted to bring myself back here, push and remind myself Why I am Here. (as writing these blogs).

It is simple.

It is too easy to get lost in the World - through what we are shown on television and the media, and in through social circles and just everyday life. We are constantly told who to be, how to act, what is acceptable and what is not.

I myself, as a Member of Desteni - group of Individuals coming together to bring about Real Change for All in this World, apply specific tools to 'correct' ourselves. Because as we can see - as this Whole World is showing us - we have failed. No - no judgments - yet Self is required to take Responsibility.

So why do we write? We write to expose ourselves. We write to expose this World. We write to see who we are as the WORDS we speak - think - live. TO see if they are in fact worthy of LIfe - Equal as LIfe - here. We write to support ourselves. We write to support others. We write to express ourselves. To free ourselves. To take action - as this World Requires.

First we wake Up. See what is going on in this World - Realize it is unacceptable and then take action in a way that will support others to see as well.

So as we write - we share ourselves, without fear. Because all are equal. We are all Here together, experiencing the same Reality. Yet we all have individualized ourselves within Self Interest. Now it's time for this to Stop.

Change is not going to happen over night. yet it requires practical application - as a practical action.

To Reveal to ourselves and all what is here as ourselves and this World.

This is why we write. With patients. Pushing ourselves to stand up from what we've allowed ourselves to become. To see Life here as the words I type. To see LIfe here as the breath I breathe. This is why I am here.

So ... I forgive myself that i Have accepted and allowed myself to resist writing
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to push writing off for another time - when I know this is deliberate deception.
I forgive myself that I Have accepted and allowed myself to fear facing myself as the words I write
I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to fear how others will react to my writings
I forgive myself that I have accepted an fallowed myself to place value on others thoughts/opinions/reactions of my writings - realizing it is only a reflection of myself.
I forgive myself that i Have accepted and allowed myself to believe I can go on as I have - ignoring myself and this world - pretending everything is beautiful - when in fact it's not. When I can see in this World Life is suffering - and I stand Equal as Life that suffers, therefore I walk a Process of Self Correction - Self Purification - Self Realization. Bringing All life Here back to Me equal and One.

I stand Up. I breathe. I write. I forgive. I let go. I walk. I am Here.

03 July 2011

Breathe, Live, Forgive, Let Go

We have 2 choices in every moment - every moment we breathe.

We either continue to carry the weight of the past, use it as a way to carry anger and hate and prejudices and excuses...

Or we Stand Up, take a Breath and Realize every moment is New and deserves the right to be new. To be free. To be without the burdens of the past.

To perpetuate the same - or Start a new.

To hide in blame - or to breathe, Live Forgive and Let go.

Give yourself the Gift of Life.

Allow yourself to Let go.

Forgiveness, SELF Forgiveness is the Only Way.

Give yourself Back to yourself.

www.desteniiprocess.com - the Solution to Self
www.equamoney.org - the Solution to the World

www.desteni.co.za - take the Red Pill

27 June 2011

Time FORgiveness

I feel like there is so much to do and not enough time to do it.

Time is a point for me

I always feel like I’m running out of time

I forgive myself that I Have accepted and allowed myself to believe I am running out of time

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to separate myself from myself as time

I forgive myself that I haven’t yet allowed myself to realize myself here as timeless

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to fear time

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to believe that there is not enough time to do all the things I would like to do

I forgive myself that iH ave accepted and allowed myself to separate myself from moments in time within fear that I am wasting time

I forgive myself that i Have accepted and allowed myself to believe I can waste time

I forgive myself that I Have accepted and allowed myself to separate myself from myself here as time equal and one within thoughts of wasting time

I stop fearing time

I forgive myself that I Have accepted and allowed myself to separate myself within moments in time when I reacte to the belief that I am not doing what I am suppose to be doing

I forgive myself that I Have accepted and allowed myself to believe there is too much to do with not enough time

I forgive myself that I Have accepted and allowed myself to believe that time is something separate from me

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to believe that time is more then me

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to see time as slipping away

I forgive myself that I Havent yet allowed myself to unconditionally be here as time as every moment of breath as life as all as one as equal

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to judge myself within time

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to blame others for my experience within time

I forgive myself that I Have accepted and allowed myself to define time as money

I forgive myself that I Have accepted and allowed myself to define time as something separate from me here

I forgive myself that iH ave accepted and allowed myself to kill time

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe time is more powerful than me
I stand here equal as time

I allow myself to be here as breathe as time

I trust myself within time

Time is here as me

Time is equal as me

I am time

I am here in every moment of breathe

20 June 2011

Desteni USA Meets in TX

SO this weekend was the Desteni America Meeting.

It was a very cool experience being with others that are Standing and applying and Living the Same Principles, and who are going through the same points. AND being around others willing to open up and share what it is that's being experienced, without fear was so cool. Much support was offered this weekend, not with the intentional offering of support - but just by communicating and sharing one's experience, I was able to relate to a lot of what was said, and assisted me in realizing it's not just me going through points within myself - I'm not the only one 'facing myself'.

We all have a secret world within ourselves/as our Minds - it's just whether we are willing to expose it to ourselves and others. So it was cool to hear others stories of what they have gone through, what experiences they have in relation to reactions and points that come up and to realize that I'm not alone. And there is no reason for me to exist in such shame for what it is that I experience, yet there is Self Responsibility in stopping and letting go.

It was also supportive in that a lot of points came up within me this weekend - like fear and anxieties and comparisons and reactions - back chat - so here I was supported in seeing this points that are still existing within me - and apply self forgiveness for such reactions/ideas/beliefs and back chats. Because in the end- it's the Mind's attempt to Survive.

So - I am grateful for my weekend in TX - to be around others walking the Same Process as me - being able to communicate with those that are taking Self Responsibility for themselves - participating in real communication and sharing.

Looking forward to the next Meeting - after All - We are the Ones Standing Up to Change this World - so we have Much work ahead of Us.

10 June 2011

Set Yourself Free - Write Yourself Out

Writing Yourself TO Freedom

What is This? What does it imply and how does it work?

Writing yourself to freedom is as simply as it sounds. Writing out oneself to self - looking as who oneself is in fact, as thoughts feelings and emotions. It's having a conversation with oneself - but a self directive conversation exposing to oneself what is allowed within the inner and outer reality of self.

It's a tool used within those Walking with Desteni - to investigate who one is in this Reality. What thoughts self participates within - what ideas and beliefs self hold. Who Self is in relation to everything else that is Here.

Through writing it out - we are able then to see Who we are. To get to freedom - This takes Self Honesty. Self Honesty is to be able to honestly look at what thoughts we carry - what judgments we hold - what perceptions we believe in and give power to.

For me - It has supported me in 'letting go' of the shit that mulls around in my head. Thoughts that I allow to cause reactions within me - anxieties, worries fears, even just voices that I for so long believed were me. Writing them out allows me to take back my power - and thus decide what I do with what I find - as allowing thoughts and feelings and emotions to run our life, we are just enslaved.

It allows me to lay out for myself what is actually going on with me. It's Self Intimacy. Looking into Self to see what is actually Here, to Face it, to Reveal to ourself what has been accepted as the 'Who I am' as the Mind - and allows Self then to take Responsiblity and Re Direct Self into an existence that considers All.

It is something the Mind as Me resists, as I realize what is happening. I am Changing myself - to no longer allow my Mind to be the Directive Role - but to make an actual action within awareness that is in fact Best for All. And as I resist - I push myself to write more - knowing this is the Support required in order to Walk this Process that we are all here currently walking.

Writing is righting ourselves out. It allows as a guideline to see where One is - where One as Been and to sort our where One is going. It is an Act of Self Love.

Try it out. Unconditionally. Let yourself Go - Set yourself Free in Writing. See who you are, without Shame or Judgments - but Face it and Stand up within it. Realizing that who we have Become is unworhty to Who we are in Fact. Time to take Back our Destiny.

We all have been waiting for This - Asking the Question - Who am I? Where have I come from? Why am I here? All these Answers are Here within Self - it just Takes Self to Look Within.

30 May 2011

Process Update - Standing Up for Self Honesty

Process Update

I have faced many challenges within my agreement - ones that have pushed me to consider what is means to be Self Honest - and to Stand Up to What is Best for All.

I have always considered myself to be 'passive'. Which I can see has only been me within supression - in not wanting to Stand up for myself or my self honesty.

Finally - I was placed within a position where my self honesty was challeneged. And while it was 'easier' to be passive and 'go with the flow' - I was only supression myself and allowing abuse within myself and another. I then said No more. I cannot deny myself the right to Self Honesty. I saw a point of deception within me and another - and despite the outcome, I had to Stand Up. Without Fear, I stand Up. And the outcome was unaccepted. It allowed another the support I was offering myself. Equal and One.

When one supports oneself to Change - Support for others exist as well.

When one pushes oneself to be more then has been accepted - another gets pushed to do the same.

Equality and Oneness.

The Road to Freedom may not be easy - but it is neccessary to be done.

This Life is our Oppurtunity to Change who we have Become and to Birth ourselves into what is Best for All. And that is one that Consideres what has never been considered before. Change. Within Self.

Through this I confirm to myself my commitment to myself as Life. I am commited to Life as me. To change who I have become and support others to do the same.

This is what we do within the Desteni I Process - why we consider an Equal Money System.

Because We Realize doing the same thing expecting different results is the definition of Insanity. So it's time for Us to DO what has never been done before. And that is Change, within and Without. Best for All. Equality and Oneness.

Give Yourself the Gift of Life. Give Self Self Honesty.

21 May 2011

"Heaven is a Fairytale for those Afraid of the Dark"

This statement was recently made in an interview by Stephen Hawkins - a physicist.

He goes on to say that the Human brain is simply a computer and that when the components run out - it shuts down. "There is no heaven or afterlife for a browkdown computer"

Which is fascinating - if one have a Self Honest look at how we as Humans 'operate'. We are machines, programmed and condition to have a specific perspective, which we believe is our 'uniqueness' - yet we are merely copies of DNA transferred from past generations.

More specifically - this idea that there is a Heaven - a place 'waiting for us' for when we die.

This would imply we are not satisfied with where we are now. And the fact that Death exists - we desire to explain the purpose and reason of LIfe and why we are Here.

Suppose we would not have to do this - if Life was actually Lived and not just the Fear of Survival. Currently - this is how we experience ourselves, whether we have acknowledged this or not. The current economic system Dictates what Life is - You either have Money - and thus 'freedom' to experience yourself comfortable, or you have no Money - and you experience, in fact, Hell On Earth.

No, you say? Test it out for yourself and let us all know. Who are you without Your Money? Live like another - like alost half the population LIves everyday - because of no Money.

And while this exists, inequality and abuse of Life - there are those of us pretending that God has set up a lovely little place for us when we die.

Stephen Hawkins has a Point. Do you think we would need the Belief in Heaven if we were living Heaven on Earth. Would we believe in an afterlife if we were actually Living Life Here?

It is just a fairytale we use to make ourselves feel better - to cover up the fact that we are not Living, but in fact dying. We exist in fear of the truth.

It is the Same as the belief in Santa Claus - do the 'right thing', and have faith that someone will be there giving to you what you desire - you will be taken cared of and you have to do nothing about it but do what you are told.

This is Slavery. And we allow our own enslavement.

What if Humanity knocked it off already. What if we decided there is OBVIOUSLY no need for an Afterlife if we ALL were able to LIve Equally Here. In an Equal Money System - we wouldn't need to believe in anything beyond this LIfe because we would actually Be Living to our Full Potential. There would be no fear of death or suffering, as it currently exists because of the Money System, because an Equal money System would END ALL Suffering. All would be supported Equally to be Here - All honored as LIfe Equally.

Again - beliving in heaven is a fantasy that allows separation and exists only within Self Interest. Because it says that we are only interested in what will happen to us when we die - we forget about the Rest of Humanity that dies everyday without food or water or shelter. That dies of no medicine because of no money.

This is Unacceptble and we should be ashamed of ourselves for allowing such excuses to exist.

Let us STOP existing in ideas of what lies beyond and Start Taking Responsibility for what IS HERE. Let us Sort our THIS REALITY first. The REALity we all find ourselves currently. Lets ensure LIfe for all HERE. This is our Responsibilty, as a Whole.

Who will Stand Up?

Heaven is Here within an Equal Money System

17 May 2011

The 13th Floor

Today, while working a job - I was taken to an office building with 16 floors. I was going to the top. While on the ride upwards - I noticed that the floors went from 12 to 14. Hmm.. where was the 13th floor? Immediately - I assumed it was because of this black cloud that hangs over the number 13 - but thought no way this is actually why there is no 13th floor. Perhaps it's a mechanical floor?

On my way down - there were 2 other women with me in the elevator. I asked them why they thought there was not a 13th floor available for access. They told me - superstitions. Apparently it's common for buildings with more then 13 floors to 'skip' the 13th floor.

Seriously? So I did a little research and found out that this has been an accepted 'norm' since the early 1940s. Because of this superstitions about the number 13 being unlucky - tenants will either skip allowing this floor to be accessed, use it as a mechanical floor - or will label it Floor M.

Anyone else see this as absolutely ridiculous. The power we give to our beliefs...

Also - what is most fascinating - is that the Reason the owner of the buildings will not put in a 13th floor - is to avoid problems of superstitious tenants. Which really imply fear of not making Money. Here is an example of how we will support beliefs/ideas about something - when it is so obviously delusional - just to make Money.

Beliefs are just that - Lie's we are trying to Be. Just because we beLIEve in something - doesn't make it Real. And to support people in their Mental Disorders - for the sake of making Money - is just another example of the Abuse that is the Current Money System.

In an Equal Money System - we would not need to allow people such beliefs. Because we will no longer be required Money to Live - we will not fear not making money because of another's belief.

Remember - there is a LIE in every beLIEf.

Keep it Simple, Stand Up for Life - What is Best for All. That is the End of Superstitions - Ideas and Beliefs - and Standing Up for Life - the Quality of ALL Life within an Equal Money System.

10 May 2011

Honesty vs Self Honesty

What is the difference? Besides one has the word Self with it.

This is the difference - one is Self - the other, is the person we pretend to be. The personality we were taught to be. Our apparent uniqueness.

Honesty is telling someone the 'truth' because you fear the consequences if you don't.

Self Honesty - is seeing the 'starting point' for 'why' you are wanting to tell the truth - and knowing that if you are doing it our of fear.

Honesty is something that it taught - something that is told as being 'right'.

Self Honesty - is see what is actually Here - without judgment. Without creating a polarity by saying some is right - or something is wrong.

Self Honesty is an expression - a Living Statement of Self. Which is birthed from knowing thyself.

Honesty - is within Morality - by what society says to be 'right or wrong'.

Self Honesty - is Seeing the truth of ourselves. Of asking ourselves why we do what we do. Why we believe what we believe. Why we accept what we accept.

Honesty are rules that are given to be lived by. We are told what Honesty is - instead of allowing Self to be Honesty as an Expression of what Self really is - which is Life.

Honesty exist within the Mind - the policeman in the head telling you who you are suppose to be - according to the rules we have been assigned to.

Self Honesty exist within and as every breath - As Life - as the Physical. Honoring Life that supports unconditionally. Self Honesty lies within the very moment of Being Here. The Beauty - Self knows Self Honesty.

Have you been Self Honest today?

05 May 2011

Positive Seekers are the Real Decievers

I know first hand. As I once gave myself up to just another Belief System of this World.

The Secret is - 'The Secret' has been around for centuries - yet this time it is packaged in a nice colored bundle that makes you think your getting a taste of something so grand.

It is a Grand Deception.

The Law of Attraction - Positive Thinking - Creating through Visualisation - is all part of the same trap to keep you exising in Self Interest.

When I first came across the whole idea of Law of Attraction - I was in a position of looking for the Meaning to Life - the Meaning to my existence. I wanted to know the purpose and reason for me being here - and how come it's 'so hard'. The Secret gave me all I wanted. It suggested that I could create a Reality that is Best for Me. That if I changed my thinking - and my attitude - and thought enough about something then I would 'attract' it into my Reality. I would be 'creating' this. Yet - here we can see that 'attracting' is not actually creating - it implies something already exists - and you just bring it to you.

Moving on

I 'though' the Law of Attraction was it! I found my reason and Purpose and it was to uplift myself and others through 'shining as the light' - meanig being the 'brightness' of positivity.

All I was doing was pretending that nothing negative existed and forced my way to feel something that only made me feel better.

Which is what the Law of Attraction Suggests. Turn the other cheek to the negative in this World - and only focus on the Positive. Yet what we are ACtually doing is placing ourselves within ignorance, to make ourselves believe that the negative doesn't exist and delude ourselves to see the beauty.

The 'ugly' is not the illusion. The 'beauty' is. As it is a means to cover up what is actually going on. It is merely a distraction - a drug we give ourselves in order to no Face the Reality of this World - Our World, and pretend 'all is well'.

Well it's not.

The truth: Almost half of the Population is existing in Poverty. What does this mean? That while you are shopping for more clothes and products to make you more attractive - and drinks that keep you trapped in your oblivious state of delusion - Other Human Beings are doing anything, ANYTHING, they can just to merely survive in this World. Crime, War, Abuse, Poverty - all of these 'negatives' exist because We as Humanity have chosen to 'see the beauty', because we Know we are Responsible for accepting and Allowing such a State in the World.

Have we Consider that Positive and Negative are different sides of the Same Coin. Meaning they are One and the Same. They Exist for Eachother - as Eachother - and until We Equalize these 2 points - we are only allowing Both to Exist.

Positive and Negative is Separation. They balance eachother out. So While we are busy focusing on the positive - we are in fact supporting and creating MORE negative to Exist.

The Only Solution - Equality as Oneness as ALL.

Nothing is 'positive' or 'negative', this is only the Judgments we give it. What is Here is Simply Here - and It's time for Us to Face it.

This is what we are busy with within Desteni and the Desteni I Process. Utilizing the Tools of Self Honesty, Self Forgiveness, Breath, Writing, to first bring about a Change Within ourselves - Equalize the 'positive and negatives' within ourselves - then Doing the Same within this World. And that is where an Equal Money System comes in.

Because while millions suffer - the 'other side of the coin', is also suffering. Both are trapped in a System of Inequality, abuse and deception. Which all Streams from Self Interest. Time to Consider All as Equals.

None are Free until ALL are Free.

Join us - Free yourself with the Desteni I Process. Stand with a Group that is Here the Bring about An Actual Change within this World - one that is BEST FOR ALL. Dare to Care for All Life.

24 April 2011

Day 21 - Getting to know my Worth

Day 21 - and as I say, "It's my day 21 - I can't believe I made it" - just goes to show how much I never really trusted myself or pushed myself to do what I say I will do - or believe in myself enough to know I can - I am able - and I can will myself.

The Mind - as it exists - only judges. Observes and places it's opinion. Always has a 'back chat' - I thought or idea or picture or association for anything and all things within it's Reality. As I saw myself today, in constant judgment of myself and others. I breathe yes, to stop myself, yet, why are they even here? Why have I created this of myself? Because I have believed this voice in my head to be real - to be who I am - then am I not responsible for what those thoughts are specifically - what they consist of and how they are directed.

This is Standing Equal and One as the Mind. Taking Responsibility for what exists within me - because here is where Self takes back the Power to actually change Self.

It is impossible to ignore and look for only 'the positive' or the 'silver linen' - as this is only suppressing what is actually Here.

Within the Desteni i Process - this is what I am walking. Learning about myself as "Who I am" as the "I" on consciousness - getting to know myself in a way I havent wanted to see - in Self Honesty - and form here Self Directing myself back to Equality. Because currently - we exist in Separation of ourselves - as the Physical. We see and experience and perceive everything to be outside of ourselves - when We are the Creators. Creating this experiencing - calling the shots and making up the Rules. And all the while, blinding ourselves to what we are doing and 'pretending' we are unaware.

We know exactly what we are doing. We know we are playing a Game. And Until we stop - we will continue to deconstruct.

Through the Process shared by Desteni - I have seen so much of myself change - within only a year and a Half.

Yet - I know there is more to go. However, the way that I experience myself and my life is radically different - as I have been giving myself back to myself. Taking back my power. Directing myself to Direct my Life - and Standing for Something that actually Matters. Which is Equality. Which is an Equal Money System.

Being a part of a Group that Stands Together is our walk to Freedom - pushing ourselves to move ourselves into a position that is Best for All - to Bring About a Real Change - and Establish Equal Money for All.

WE Realize it's going to take time - yet we breathe Patients and Continue to walk. Knowing that we are accumulating what is Best for All.

I may 'believe' I am 'not good enough' or I 'wont make it' or 'its too hard', yet through the Desteni I Process - I have realized these beliefs are not real - they are lies I tell myself to not push through  - and I am grateful every moment I breath. Because as I breathe - I stop the fears - I stop the judgments - I stop the lies - I stop the deceit - I stop the excuses - I stop the Justifications. I stop myself and start over - Creating something of Worth - Something Worthy of Life. Which is Life. In Equality.

23 April 2011

Day 20 - Writing is

The moment I allow myself to write down what it is my mind is ‘racing’ about – and going over and over again – I experience release – and relief. 

It’s like the moment goes from tense and almost a sense of ‘too much’  - to emptiness.

Writing, self honestly – what one is experiencing – is allowing self to let go. It’s a way of freeing self from what self carrys as extra weight. It’s a way to see self – self intimacy.

Writing allows me to get out what I believe is too much for me to handle.

Writing is me pushing myself to change me.

Writing is knowing that if I allow myself to see myself as the words that I write – then I am able to change myself.

Writing is taking back power.      
Writing is being here.

Writing is directing self to become clear.

Write yourself out – Writing yourself to freedom. I mean – it’s specific in the words.

There is much freedom is writing – as you place onto paper/computer the things that exist within you. The things that seems to ‘be so much more’ then they really are, because as you soon as you write it out, it’s never as bad.
Writing is a gift to self, giving back to self the power to release ourselves from the chains we’ve clung to.

Time to let go. And Stand Up. And Face Self.

Time to see for Real. 

22 April 2011

Day 19 - Forgive and Let go

Day 19

Today.. was a day.

Supression day.

I wanted to smoke - and the thought kept coming up. I kept telling myself, just one, I will enjoy it - yet I have 'told' myself this before - and it always turns out the same. It does NOT taste good - and I end up 'wishing' I wouldn't let my thoughts direct me. And the thought kept coming up - and as much as I 'wanted' it give in - I didn't. I say no.

Which is cool - but then, I ended up going home between work - and sleeping. Then eating - but not as a point of physical support - it was to 'fill me up'.

Obviously I can see that whatever I wanted to suppress with the smoking - I instead used sleeping and eating to do instead.

And what is here - why did I allow this - what am I not wanting to face? Well, I can see there was some things I needed to take care of today - things on the 'to do' list. BUt I don't think this is what I was not wanting to face.

Simple responsibilities. Dealing with things as they come up in the moment.

I have written about this before - and here i find myself again.

I'm going to be all over the palce within this writing - because a lot is coming up for me.

There is a lot of self judgment about these writings that I do. I don't like how I come up with these titles to these writings - as if I am 'clever' but am not actually apply myself within what I write. I just spew words. But is there substance?

I know these self judgments are abusive and irrelevant and irrational. So I stop.

But perhaps look at why I 'feel' I am not being completely self honesty in these writings. Or that I'm not actually applying myself.

Forgiveness is Key.

Beucase as I carry all that i have written - I have not allowed myself to let go.

And this is what Self forgiveness is. It's allowing self to let go of all the 'extra weight'. The burden that we place on ourselves - the mistakes that we make, things we regret, things we know we could be 'better' with. Self Forgiveness to re-direct the point.

Because once I 'see' what i am doing - it's then to stop and release it - through applying Self Forgiveness.

Because untill I do - I will constantly bring myself back to 'the point' until I realize, the cycle stops when I do.

Forgive and Let go. Then Move.

20 April 2011

Day 18 - After All - It's about Self

Day 18

Just when you 'think' its the most difficult point...

Just when you 'think' it's too much...

Just when you 'think' you've had enough...

Just when you 'think' it's over...

Just' when you you believe something about the situation/the person/the reality - You discover, you were wrong. And that you were making it all up in your head. And you Realize... it's the 'breaking point' - the point we want to give up - is where We find the clarity - the freedom - the communication - the truth. Here is where we see for Real.

So don't give up.

Another point;

Just because I am not deliberately doing something - the inaction says it all.

"I forgot" is no longer a valid excuse - as I am not even aware of how I am deliberately deceiving myself.

Not intentionally putting things off - yet when I look closer, all I see is fear around these points. Another way to hide from myself. Which I no longer accept.

Just do it.

Get it done. Whatever action is required. Cross it off the List.

ANother point;

Deciding for myself - who I am.

Not depending on another to tell me what to do - but investigating for myself - what is the best solution for me  currently - that allows me the best foundation.

More specifically - Stop Looking for Answers - and Be the Answer myself.  Decide for myself.

I have always looked separate from myself for 'where I need to be, where I need to do, who I have to be, what should I do next' Expecting anything and anyone to tell me something - please decide for me, how to be, why to be, where to be, when to be.

No More. This ends Here. Realizing - only I can decide my own Self Honesty. Afterall - it's about Self.

Day 17 - There's a Will - there's a Way

Day 17

The Challenge - Facing Self  and taking Responsibility for what you see.

THis seeing is given by you or another. Yet the truth is before you.

Accepting what you see as the truth of Yourself- this is the most difficult.

Yet to take the response ability - is setting yourself free. It is taken the power.

But wow - is it hard.

What I have to face about myself = the truth of myself - I don't know how to communicate. I only know how to defend myself. My point - in fear of being 'wrong'. As a way to protect myself. My wall built high.

It's not 'him' or 'they' or 'her'. IT'S ME.

The agreement I am walking - is thus far the most challenging experience. Because it forces me to See myself for Real - as what I allow to exist within myself - who I am in my interactions with him - the games I play, the manipulations I maneuver - sounds like maneur - it's the shit I accept. A load a crap I carry - all to not face myself, as what I've created myself as.

Time to stop. As I realize this is not who I am actually - it's only who I've accepted myself to be. And even though it seems hard to change - its not impossible. There is a Will - therefore there is a Way.

And the way leads to Equality. Within myself - Equal Here as all As One as Equal. Realizing that self abuse - is abuse of Life. Limiting myself is limiting life. What I do to myself - I do to all as me as Equal as One.

I am don't tolerating my imperfection.

18 April 2011

Day 16 - Redefining Money

Day 16

Money as it exists - support abuse and inequality.

And as the human fears it - it only validates money's power and control within this World.

Yet what if the Human were to change this.

Into something of Support.

When the Human creates money as a Support for life - as it provides food, shelter, water, clothes. It provides Life to those that have it.

Why not give this to All.

Instead of allowing it to abuse, through our acceptance of a System that feeds the few and fucks the rest.

This System of Money is Unacceptable.

Our Relationship to Money is unacceptable.

As I was applying Self Forgiveness for my Relationship to Money - I saw just how much power I gave it to run my life. And how much I allowed it to Direct me in my direct fear of it.

Instead of seeing it as a means to support. Me. As Life.

It isn't Money that is the Problem. It is the Human - that defines Money as such.

Time to Redefine it very existence to that of Support for ALL Life.

Simple - this one Point.

Day 15 - Bring it back to Self - and Move from Here

Day 15

Seeing how back chat/secret Mind can assist Self. See it and Stop it immediately!

My back chat has been in an uprising lately - and it's specifically thoughts of expectation from others and when I don't get what I 'want' - it fires up with all these judgments and justifications for why I experience myself the way that I do. Hiding my responsibility to stop it myself.

I see how easy it is to exist in the Mind - because this is how we've always existed - and the changing to becoming the breath is 'more difficult' - yet not impossible. It's the 'comfortability' of how things have 'always been' as the accepted 'way it is'. Yet, I wont give up on myself.

Because I have shown myself in the past that I am able to stop and breath and no longer participate in this back chat.

I simply stop. Because if I don't - I know what happens - my experience of myself, with myself and my environment and others within my environment are influenced. I am no longer the 'directive principle', I am only the observing being taken for a ride.

Interesting how people say 'go with the flow' and 'take the load of least resistance' - when this only supports the current complacency that is allowed as ourselves. TO just stay the same and not consider that CHANGE IS REQUIRED.

Take the path of MOST resistance - and show yourself you can push through - and Stand Up and Find yourself on the 'other side'. Afterall - isn't it us that created the resistance?

So here to remind myself to Push through the Resistance. See what the 'mind says' and spite it in directing self - instead of the Mind determine the actions/movements of Self.

Bring it back to Self - and Move from Here.

17 April 2011

Day 14 - It's the Matter that Matters

Day 14

Thinking is separation - separation from what is Here as the phsycial Reality -where we are in fact and that which matters.

As I was washing a french press that I have at my mom's place - it reminded me of when I was on the Desteni Farm - where I first used a french press. I was in my mind within this memory, the different experiences I had with the french press and how I broke at least 1, very possible 2 of them while I was there.

And while I was thinking about this - within the Reality that is Here - that Reality I was separating myself from being within the memory, existing only for me, I broke the french press I was washing.

Interesting - because as I was separating from the Physical Reality, existing in the Imaginary Reality - I ended up breaking/ruining what it is I was actually participating with.

Just a small example and reminder for me of what it means to be within and As the Mind - it completely disregards what is Real - what is actually Here - and allows for the 'accidents' to happen. It get's no attention, and it breaks. It shatters.

Our thoughts, our memories - are only a distraction. Keeping is from paying attention to that which is Real - that which keeps us focus on what MATTERS, as the Physical Matter. And how delicate it is, that if we are not 'here' - not realizing what it is we are doing - we can so easily break it. We harm it. We ignore it - which will only lead to regret.

This is why I breath and use this incident as a reminder of Why I push myself to stop my participation with thoughts, memories, pictures and ideas within the mind that keep me from what REALly Matters. The Physical - the Breath.

16 April 2011

Day 13 - The Ego wins this time - yet I still Breathe

my partner had a talk – specifically because the night before we got into a argument about me saying to him that his experience wasn’t ‘real’ because he used the words think, believe and feel. I  know these words are specific – yet he did not like me ‘invalidating him’. He says he sees nothing wrong with thoughts feelings or beliefs/emotions being a part of the human experience – yet everything desteni has shared says otherwise. And I realize it’s not about what ‘they tell me is true’ the truth needs to come from me in self honesty. Yet – I’ve proven to myself that these things are not real – because I have stopped my participation. Perhaps this is what I need to realize. That if I was living these principles and being the example, or perhaps walking through these points as self will – then I would be able to share my experience myself. Then it would not be knowledge and information – it would be lived as me, proving that these things are in fact the delusion and the deception.

I did experience resistance to him. This moring I layed in bed and gave in to my resistance, arguing with myself about getting up and just facing him and communicating to him what is necessary – yet I gave in and just layed there, I gave in to the idea of myself, as the ego, needed to be right – to prove a point, and spite him with my inaction to speak. And as I layed there, I saw what I was doing. And I felt bad – there is guilt looking back now, because I realize that I could have stood up in that moment. Obviously – I can’t go back – yet will I realize within this moment again?
Same with my communiation. Time for me to realize that communication within equality, doers not need to argue or prove a point. Common sense sepaks volumes therefore I do not need to raise my voice – and I say this because I see why I am raising my voice. Because I want to prove myself. To be right and to prove him wrong. I want to be the winner. Yet, no one actually wins. Life suffers instead. And this is unacceptable. I gave in to many limitations today.

All this time writing this – I’m wondering if I can use these words for my blog. There is a part of me screaming NO! Too personal – to exposed. So – cool, I will spite my ego that tells me no and direct myself to be self honesty in all ways – not fearing exposing myself to all equally.

Pushing through the limitation and standing up for myself. Here is how we change ourselves, not take shit from the ego/mind and decide for ourselves who we are going to be. I chose to be someone who isn’t afraid to be self honest – for all to see. Hopefully it can assist someone else who reads this – perhaps they can relate and say hey, I see me here within these words, and I know I can stand up for myself too. 

15 April 2011

Day 12 - The Writing Process

Day 12
How about a little self Honesty.

It's cool that I've 'made it' to day 12 - yet I don't 'feel' any different. Perhaps I was expecting this writing Process to 'be something more' or create some kind of change within me - yet how can something 'change me', if it's not be doing it myself. This writing process is simply a support system - A way that I support myself. It is a tool. It is not something outside of me that creates something 'for me'.

It is what I make it. So what am I making it?

Something that I place my faith into in trusting that it will create something for me?

No - it should be me Writing as a point of Self Direction. Self Movement, me making the decision of what this Writing Process is for Me. Kind of like being in charge.

This is what it's about. To move myself within myself to direct my world - my actions, instead of it being something that directs me, or causing me to have an experience.

It's like placing my power to create in something outside of me.

So - instead, I take back my power to create myself. I say what goes for me - and what this writing process is all about.

Its support for me - by me. It's a way for me to become Self Disciplined. Self Motivated. To see myself. To show myself that I am capable of doing things - all I have to do is keep the commitment. Trust myself to do it - and just do it. Really, that simple. Make a decision and stick to it and do what is necessary to get it done.

Suppose that's it for tonight. Reminding myself also, again, always, this is a Process. Life is a Process we are Walking - bringing ourselves back home one breath at a time. Patients is key.

13 April 2011

Day 11 - Change is Possible

Day 11

So interesting to see today. Slowing myself as breath - being able to see who I am in each moment. What I found today, just a few moments ago actually - was this 'desire' to make a big deal out of something - more specifically I was attempting to 'make a point' within my agreement.

It was like I was 'wanting' to or pretending or attempting to create a point within my partner - and then try and discuss this point with him - as if I was concerned. Yet actually - what I was doing was attemtping to exist witihin limitation and pettyness and jealousy and insecurities - but through breathing and being here - I, in self honesty, just couldn't. It wasn't a big deal -

Hmm.. more specifically, the experience was like I wanted to replay who I've been in the past - seeing the potential to create a situation/drama, because this is what I usually do in the past, become annoyed within my relationship, and wanting to blame the other person for making me feel a certain way, or blame them for an idea I would have about him and someone else. But, even though there was this 'desire' to do this was there, I just couldn't bring myself to do this. I didn't see the 'point'. It was irrelevant, and saw how it was useless.

It was cool to see how I have changed, because in the past, I would have so easily created a huge problem between me and my partner. Crying, kicking and screaming.. yet, I just couldn't bring myself to play this out - because I know it's self dishonest and would have only been abusing myself.

So cool to see there has been change. And breathing assists in slowing down to see ourselves in moments where we would otherwise just 'move' without consideration.

12 April 2011

Day 10 - Self Direction = Self Satisfying

So today was cool - I was able to spend some more time I have been online - watching vids and working in DIP lessons. Mostly reading. And I have been able to slow myself down with breathing - and direct myself in moments of 'getting things done'. Specifically within the internet point - wanting to watch certain vids and rate them as well, support those that are 'putting themselves out there', catching up on going through my emails. Basically allowing myself to do what needed to be done.

Also, was able to push myself to complete a lesson within Basic Mind Components - as there is a sense of fullfillment - in that I have completed that which needed to be completed, so I am satisfied with myself. There is no sence of  stress, as when I am not directing myself effetively to 'keep up', and simply direct myself through the point.

I see how easily I allow myself to get distracted, like on facebook and with other things, aimlessly wondering the web, this is when I bring myself to a point of 'what am I donig', then a feeling of hopeless/helplessness as I feel 'lost' within myself, which is obvious because there is no Self Direction - only Self being led like a puppet on a string. So once Self Stands up for Self and Direct's Self to do something - then I am satisfied and stable within myself. So cool to experience.

Also, I have been experiencing more 'motivation' lately within myself - to push myself more within my application to be more persistance and consistant with myself, in breathing and writing. More of an 'urgency' or more so like remembering why I am Standing Up for Equality and Equal Money and why I am Here basically - Because this World is unacceptable as it exists, as the Current Money System Exists, as Humans exists - as Systems of atumation and Self INterest. Remembering that Who I am is in need of the Change, as I am able to take Responsibility for myself and Who I am - Realizing this is where we start.

So pushing myself to stay consistant with myself in directing myself within lessons of DIP/SRA, and writing myself out and with my Breath. Because through these means, Self Directing Self, is how we Bring about a Change Best for All - Equality and Oneness - Heaven on Earth. Step by step, breath by breath, we accumulate this into Reality.

11 April 2011

Day 9 - Lead by Example

Talking with my mom today about certain actions of another family member - I saw myself become angry and disgusted. I was annoyed and agitated because of this persons actions and those of other family members that continue to support her in certain actions she takes.

Yet what I realize is that - I have not control over who she is or what she does. Obviously - the power I hold is within myself to ensure who I am and what I do with myself. Yet I also realize that she is reflecting back to me things within myself that I havent yet taken responsibility for. Perhaps certain actions I am still holding against myself and have not fully allowed mysefl to forgive and let go.

Still - the point is simple. The Change I have is within me - and to concern myself with another's way of living and choices in actions is attempting to only avoid taking responsibility for me and also honesty a waste of energy. Because again, I am only in control of myself, who I am, what I do, and all I am able to do is focus on myself. Realizing that I am able to lead by example. Live as I would like to see others Live - this is what it means to Be the Change we want to see in the World.

So perhaps this is more specifically what is required to be realized - that it's not about me changing anyone else, but its about ME Changing Myself - who I am and how I live into that which I desire from others. This is what it means to take responsibility for Self. This is the PRocess of Self Change and Self Purification.